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Kentucky AG-Race Ad: ‘Barack Obama Is Destroying America.’


The off-year elections in Kentucky appear a bit disappointing to Republicans so far, if recent polling is to be believed.

Beshear leads Republican David Williams and independent Gatewood Galbraith by a 55-28-10 margin. The last time PPP polled the race was just before last fall’s election, and then, Beshear was up only 44-35 on Williams, with Galbraith not polled. Beshear has a 57-30 approval margin, up from 48-34 last October.

The differences over the last ten months are many. For one, Republican turnout seems a little depressed compared to last fall, which is to be expected after a strong showing by conservatives in the midterm. But Beshear is also up from 66% to 78% of Democrats, who make up 55% of the electorate, and from 15% to 19% of the GOP, with Williams down a corresponding amount. Williams has also declined from 16% to 8% with Democrats, and remains with only a quarter of independents.

A three-way race for State Treasurer is also helping incumbent Democrat Todd Hollenbach to a strong lead, with 43% to Republican K.C. Crosbie’s 28% and Libertarian Ken Moellman’s 16%. Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway has a decent 47-36 lead in his bid for another term over Republican Todd P’Pool.

You’ll remember Conway as the man who, in last year’s Senate race, told America that only he was willing to stand up to the reign of terror of religious minorities like Aquabuddhists.

Todd P’Pool is going after Conway by tying him to Obama as explicitly as he can, and the opening line of his ad is about as anti-Obama as it gets: “Barack Obama is destroying America.”

The closing line: “Todd P’Pool lives Kentucky’s values . . . not Barack Obama’s.”

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