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Huntsmania! Well, a Little Bit. In One State.


This may quiet the “it’s time to ditch Jon Huntsman from the debates” talk for a little while:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has surged among Republican voters in New Hampshire, and Rick Perry is a distant fourth, according to a Suffolk University/7NEWS (WHDH TV) poll of likely voters in New Hampshire’s GOP presidential primary.
Romney has opened up a 27-point lead over his nearest rival in New Hampshire, and pundits may have to rethink predictions of a two-man GOP race between Romney and Perry.
Romney (41 percent) gained 5 points since June, followed by Ron Paul (14 percent), and Jon Huntsman (10 percent). Huntsman and Paul gained 6 percent each since the last poll.

Having said that, New Hampshire is definitely the early state best tailored for Huntsman’s tone, worldview, role in the party, etc. While the Huntsman team can and should be happy to hit double digits anywhere, it would be hard to see how Huntsman could accelerate anywhere with a 10 percent finish in the actual primary. Huntsman’s been hitting Romney relentlessly, and in effect needs Romney to collapse as a viable contender to win New Hampshire (or at least finish a close second) and then use that to springboard to other states. He remains at 2 percent in South Carolina and Florida.

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