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A Good Day in Baton Rouge: Jindal Wins Second Term, LSU Wins


The news is unsurprising, but welcome all the same: Louisiana will enjoy another four years of Bobby Jindal as governor.

A landslide was expected, and a landslide was delivered:

Since Louisiana went to an open-primary system in 1975, it was the most lopsided primary victory in a governor’s race. Jindal overwhelmed a field of nine competitors in the open primary, getting 66 percent of the vote.

The Republican Governors Association released the following statement from RGA chairman Bob McDonnell about Gov. Bobby Jindal’s reelection as governor of Louisiana:

Governor Jindal’s sweeping victory is proof that voters want bold, positive and transformational leadership in these challenging times.

Governor Jindal has enacted comprehensive ethics reform, signed the largest income tax cut in Louisiana history and dramatically improved the state’s economic competitiveness, all while leading the state through multiple crises in the Gulf.

Governor Jindal’s first term has set a high bar for all governors to try to meet, and I look forward to watching what he accomplishes in his second term.

As I wrote in my NR piece on Jindal’s accomplishments in his first term:

Jindal, who often seems over-caffeinated, cites a barrage of facts and figures when discussing the results of his policies, but he often comes back to those childhood friends who moved out of state and the out-migration trend they represented. While much ink was spilled about the exodus after Katrina, the storm only briefly accelerated that trend: For the past four years, the state has actually added population, almost 10,000 people in 2010. If Louisiana can rebound so robustly and comprehensively from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina — and, perhaps even more significant, decades of corrupt mismanagement — then perhaps no state is too far gone to salvage. It’s a sign of hope for residents of Illinois, California — and America as a whole, under this presidency gone awry.

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