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Paul Ryan, Shaking the Donation Can for the RNC


The RNC asks for money . . . with a little help from Rep. Paul Ryan, who is the new “Chairman of the RNC’s Presidential Trust“:

From:Congressman Paul Ryan

To: [recipient e-mail address]

Subject: Help Make Barack Obama a One-Term President

Dear [recipient],

America is at a tipping point. 14 million Americans are unemployed and 9.3 million are underemployed. Our debt has grown over $4 trillion in less than three years and will be above $16 trillion before the end of 2012. The safety net for the poor is coming apart at the seams and no one in Washington seems to care. The only way we can restore our prosperity and save our great nation from President Barack Obama’s failed policies is to elect conservative Republican leaders from the Court House to the White House in 2012 — and make President Obama a one-term president.

As the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee’s Presidential Trust, I’m doing my part to help elect a Republican President and conservative candidates at all levels in 2012 so we can get America moving forward again and off the failed path of the Democrats. I’m honored my good friend and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus chose me to lead this important effort.The RNC is the vanguard for our Party’s efforts to elect a Republican President and conservatives at all levels. And the RNC is the only committee permitted by federal law to provide direct financial support to our Presidential nominee.

lease join me in supporting the RNC’s efforts to elect a Republican-controlled Congress and make President Obama a one-term president by making an immediate campaign contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to the RNC today. Jim, there has never been a more important time for you to step up and play an active role in determining the future course of our country. It’s clear we have a huge debt and spending problem that has only become worse under President Obama. But instead of proposing honest solutions to fix these problems, President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress have added fuel to the fire. President Obama continues to push the same broken big spending, higher taxes policies even after the $825 billion “Stimulus” failed to deliver promised jobs. In fact, 1.5 million jobs have been lost since it was passed. ObamaCare is a fiscal train wreck that has only led to higher insurance premiums and more employers dumping their private coverage. And unemployment has been stuck above 8% for nearly three years.

And what is President Obama’s prescription to cure these ills? More of the same. President Obama spent the last month raising campaign cash and peddling his $447 billion “Stimulus Jr.” across the country. But instead of proposing job creating policies, his latest spending boondoggle preserves the unsustainable status quo and calls for $1.5 trillion in tax increases to pay for it, which would destroy jobs and further decimate the economy. Jim, America cannot afford another four years of President Obama’s failed approach that starts from the premise that ever-higher levels of spending and taxes will solve our nation’s problems. To get our economy growing again, America needs new conservative leadership in the White House working with a Republican-controlled Congress to reform the tax code, slash spending and repeal the President’s health care law — not a doubling down on the Democrats’ disastrous liberal policies.

You get the idea. I guess when the former party chairman of your state, RNC chair Reince Priebus, asks for a favor, you can’t turn him down . . .

UPDATE: The RNC unveils a new video this morning, noting that we’re approaching the third anniversary of Obama’s election . . .

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