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Would Rubio as Veep Help Carry Florida? Early Data Says, ‘Probably.’


At this point, talk of a Somebody-Rubio ticket or an Obama-Clinton ticket is just idle speculation. For what it’s worth, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida insists he’s not interested in the vice-presidency, and President Obama insists that Vice President Biden is sticking around for the long haul.

But in Florida, they’re polling on this question nonetheless:

A new poll of registered voters in Florida shows if Sen. Marco Rubio is the VP candidate, the Republican ticket would get 46 percent of votes. With that scenario, President Barack Obama would receive 41 percent.

If President Obama were to drop current Vice President Joe Biden and add current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the ticket, 50 percent of voters would favor the them.

With both Rubio and Clinton on their respective party’s tickets, the race tightens — with 46 percent of vote going to the Democrats and 43 percent for the Republicans.

The poll by Suffolk also found Rubio has a 40 percent favorable, 31 percent unfavorable rating.

President Obama has a 45 percent favorable, 48 percent unfavorable rating. The poll is of registered voters, 41 percent Democrats, 36 percent Republicans, 23 percent no party/other.

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