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Herman Cain Defended by a Familiar Name in South Carolina


I’ll take “Unexpected Defenders of Herman Cain” for 500, Alex:

Let’s not forget the media. Over-focused as they are on the small, the controversial and the sensational, they will focus on the arrows being thrown at candidates and their proposals instead of challenging others to propose new solutions. If the media would spend more time honestly airing detail on the thoughtful proposals that are put forth instead of highlighting the best debate quips or the newest allegations, perhaps we might have a truly interesting race with serious choices. Sadly, the media give air to the attacks, thus spurring more attacks.

I know this story well. A “fresh face” appears on the political scene and puts forth new proposals that challenge the status quo and then is attacked viciously on his proposals and then his character. Many of these challengers don’t make it; some shouldn’t. Others win and fight to improve things in our nation only to be worn down over time, to tire of fighting the system, becoming more cautious, political and hollow. Thus the system creates empty suits, adept at giving sound-bites to the media and talking points to voters and raising money to be reelected. Understandably, few modern-day politicians put forth big ideas or proposals to truly shrink or reform our government, preferring instead to obfuscate or to punt to committees. Thank you Herman Cain for running and for inspiring better dialogue.

Those words of praise from Herman Cain come from . . . Jenny Sanford, formerly the wife of former governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina. The governor had his own infamous, and surprising, allegations of sexual misconduct.

Her op-ed praising Cain appeared in The State newspaper today.

UPDATE: Ah-ha:

The op-ed column by Jenny Sanford in praise of Herman Cain was offered for print in the South Carolina press a week ago — well before allegations of sexual harassment against Cain became public.

It sure would be nice if The State editors indicated this was the case anywhere in her column.

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