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Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Campaign Really Wants to Sell Some DVDs


Poor Hillary Clinton. More than three years later, her campaign is still rattling the tin cup for donations. Arriving in my e-mail box this morning:

Together, we made history in the last presidential election.

From Hillary’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, to the work and support that each of us brought to the campaign, that story lives on — in the history books, in our memories, and in the mementos that commemorate that time.

Now, those mementos are disappearing as your fellow supporters claim the last of them.

We only have a few official campaign posters, buttons and t-shirts left. We’re running out of the DVDs with Hillary’s historic speech at the 2008 Denver convention, the inspiring video that introduced her, and President Clinton’s speech — some of which are signed by President Clinton himself.

Once these last items are gone, they’re gone forever.

I hate to tell them this, but you can watch the speech on YouTube.

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