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Debt Increases Nearly $49K Per Second Under Obama


In the middle of verifying a Tim Kaine accusation against George Allen in the Virginia Senate race, PolitiFact offers a jaw dropping figure that any critic of Obama would find useful:

So, the real period of influence Allen had on federal spending ran from Oct. 1, 2001 to Sept. 30, 2007. The national debt rose by $3.202 billion during that span and, as we pointed out in a Truth-O-Meter earlier this year, Allen voted for each of about four dozen appropriation bills that came to the Senate floor during his term.

In other words, Allen voted for budgets that increased the debt by $16,896.68 every second he was in the Senate. That’s slightly higher than Kaine’s estimate.

But before you get angry at Allen, consider this: The debt has increased by $48,994.13 a second since Barack Obama became president. And Kaine, who served as Obama’s hand-picked chairman of the Democratic National Committee for two years before resigning in April, is a staunch defender of the president.

Sounds like a ready-made ad, no? “When Obama’s administration spends* more than $48,000 per second, how can any of us afford four more years?”

* As noted in the comments, the issue isn’t really that the Obama administration spends more than $48,000 per second, but that they increase the debt by more than $48,000 per second!

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