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It’s Been a While Since Mitt or Newt Won a General Election


Recent general-election wins don’t seem to count much in the GOP presidential primary this cycle. Three of the contenders won last year, and while Ron Paul has a shot at winning Iowa, he’s certainly far from being the frontrunner; the other two candidates who won last year, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, will be in considerable trouble with disappointing finishes in Iowa.

It has been roughly a decade since either of the recent frontrunners won a general election, and Romney’s 2002 win in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race was his only general-election win of his career.

Candidates in order of most-recent general election win:

Michele Bachmann: 2010

Ron Paul: 2010

Rick Perry: 2010

Jon Huntsman: 2008

Mitt Romney: 2002

Rick Santorum: 2000

Newt Gingrich: 1998

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