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Should We Have a Cow About Caucus Turnout?


It’s never good for a candidate to be dismissed as “all hat and no cattle,” but the charge may be particularly damaging in Iowa:

Population of Iowa in 2010: 3,046,355.

Number of cows in Iowa in 2010: 3,850,000.

To put that number in perspective . . .

Number of “active” registered Republicans in Iowa, as of this month: 613,521.

Number of votes in the 2010 Republican primary: 226,965.

Expected turnout for the Iowa caucuses on January 3: 80,000 to 140,000. Turnout in 2008 was 119,000 on the GOP side.

Iowa: Land of 32 cows for every caucus-goer!

A winning slogan for the caucuses: Moo-ving America into the future!

UPDATE: Of course, the state’s 20 million hogs could easily outvote the cows, creating a 168-to-1 ratio of hogs to caucus-goers.

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