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Romney: Obama Sounds Like Marie Antoinette!


I am sure many Democrats’ heads will explode upon hearing that Mitt Romney is comparing the president to Marie Antoinette.

But Romney, whose campaign also released in Iowa a 60-second ad with soaring patriotic themes, spared President Barack Obama no quarter Thursday as he looked to frame the coming election in dramatic overtones.

“This is not an election just to change presidents, its an election to save the soul of America,” Romney said, telling the crowd that Obama’s policies were making America more like Europe.

As if to underscore that point, Romney made an oblique reference to the infamous French monarch Marie Antionette’s most famous line.

“I watch the president, he says, ‘Well, it could have been worse.’ That goes down there with ‘Let them eat cake.’ That’s not the right,” Romney said. “Americans believe it can be better, and I have confidence in the future. I’m not a pessimist.”

Oh, come on, Governor. We all know Michelle Obama would never let us eat that cake.

I am sure Obama’s spokesman will reject the Antoinette comparison during the president’s 10-day Hawaiian vacation, at the press center outside his luxury rental in Kailua, sometime after leisurely three-hour dinner of the special tasting menu at Alan Wong’s Restaurant (roughly $105–$125/head) before the 91st golf outing of his presidency at Ko’olau Golf Club (greens fees $80–$130).

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