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The Boston Globe Finds a Republican They Can Stand


If you were a rival of Jon Huntsman and you wanted to make sure conservatives voting in the New Hampshire primary opposed him, you would emphasize his belief in global warming and since-renounced support for cap-and-trade. You would emphasize that as governor of Utah, he accepted stimulus funds. You would argue that his immigration plan is the sort that media elites call nuanced and sophisticated.

Of course, all of these points are emphasized in the Boston Globe editorial endorsing him.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Boston Globe editorial board looks out their office windows and sees “dissatisfaction with the economy, expressed in spasms of anger toward Wall Street and Washington; the dashed hopes of many who believed that Barack Obama’s election would create a new spirit of unity; and genuine uncertainty about Democratic health care reform.” Remember that when they endorse Obama in the fall.

I am surprised that Huntsman’s “replacing a graduated state income tax with a flat tax” and “sweeping school choice plan” are not mentioned as criticisms.

The editors write, “while he endorsed the notion of a federal stimulus, he also offered a credible critique of the way the Democratic Congress had structured the plan”; I didn’t know that they believed there were any credible critiques of the stimulus.

Of course, conservatives voting in the New Hampshire primary probably never looked to the Globe’s editorial board for guidance on their selection.

UPDATE: One of those rare conservatives in Massachusetts writes in:

Delighted to see Huntsman endorsed by Globe. Absolute kiss of death up here. Now, if we can only get Barney Frank and Joe Kennedy to campaign a little for Huntsman. Look for Romney to bring up the endorsement before Huntsman does.

You were also spot on about allowing a hint of criticism of Obama into a Globe editorial. The first and last time you will ever see that.

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