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After All That Effort, Mitt Should Get . . .
Four Delegates!


If my math is correct, tonight’s big winner, Mitt Romney, will get . . . four delegates. Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman will get three each. If Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum stay above 10 percent, they will get one each.

At this relatively early hour, it’s a tough night for Jon Huntsman. He is now on CNN, watching the results, and we’re told “they feel they can catch Ron Paul.” He’s at 18 percent, not quite terrible, but somewhat disappointing considering how Huntsman put all the marbles on this state. Is Huntsman an easy sell in South Carolina, or Florida, or Nevada?

UPDATE: The networks are now projecting that Huntsman will finish in third place.

He tells NBC he will not be dropping out of the race.

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