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Moot Gingrich?


I’m scheduled to be on MSNBC this morning, around 10 a.m., talking about the bosses’ editorial declaring 

“It is not clear whether Gingrich remains in the race because he still believes he could become president next year or because he wants to avenge his wounded pride: an ambiguity that suggests the problem with him as a leader. When he led Santorum in the polls, he urged the Pennsylvanian to leave the race. On his own arguments the proper course for him now is to endorse Santorum and exit.”

Sneak preview: Gingrich’s decision to leave the race, if it comes before the convention, will come from the candidate himself. But the decision on whether he remains much of a factor is in the hands of GOP primary voters. If a guy is drawing 11 percent in Michigan, 17 percent in California, 16-17 percent nationally and 13 percent in Pennsylvania… he may not be out of the race, but we can debate just how much he’s still in it. If Gingrich tumbles further to single digits, Newt may be… moot.

UPDATE: Video of today’s appearance:

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