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Act of Valor’s Act of Accuracy


Over on the home page, I take a look at the new movie  Act of Valor  with its cast of active-duty Navy SEALs – and the complaints of its critics.

Some would argue that the critics’ gripes are driven by an alienation and a disagreement with the movie’s basic message – America’s fighting men and their families are the good guys, and jihadists, drug cartels, and arms smugglers are the bad guys. But I wonder if some of it goes to a more basic point about the observations of the critics: that if you watch enough Hollywood versions of a story, your perception of what seems “real” begins to get skewed. The movie rejects a lot of the traditional tropes of action movie storytelling, and by breaking the rules of what most professional movie critics have been conditioned to expect – your characters must be multifaceted and distinct, they must change over the course of the story’s events – it offers something too different for them to appreciate.

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