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The Fine Print on Obama’s Fundraising Numbers, Both Pro and Con


The Republican National Committee is chuckling this morning, pointing out that the latest fundraising numbers, for the month of February, show the Obama campaign, DNC, Victory Fund, and State Victory Fund raised a total of $45 million, down from the $56.78 million Obama raised alone in February 2008. They eagerly point out the figure is despite Obama holding more fundraisers in the month of February than any month since announcing for reelection.

Along with the numbers, the RNC’s Kirsten Kukowski issued a statement in response:

After three years of policies that have left our country with record debt, high unemployment, and soaring gas prices and healthcare costs, it’s clear President Obama is having a hard time convincing voters he deserves another term. The president who ran on change and hope has left our country wanting and whether it’s showing in fundraising or in the polls, Americans are enthusiastic about replacing him in November.

Of course, I wouldn’t chuckle too loudly. As an incumbent president, Obama doesn’t need that much money to get his message out.

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