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RNC: Pity Poor Obamacare on Its Birthday


The RNC video department is having fun lately. Today they offer poor anthropomorphized Obamacare, crying, because nobody wants to remember his birthday.

I’m picturing a road movie with Stimulus, except that Obamacare gets frustrated because he has to pay for everything, because Stimulus isn’t working.

UPDATE: Clearly the RNC creative team is emulating Schoolhouse Rock’s old instructional video, “I’m just a bill”;

Perhaps we could update the lyrics . . .

Once just a bill, yes, once only a bill, now my popularity is nil and my IPAB will kill . . .

I was a bill, now a law, a disaster most people foresaw . . .

Using tricks like deem-and-pass, Democrats said to voters, “you can kiss my” — mandate.

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