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VoteVets Finds Non-Veteran Democrat to Tout


The headline over at the Huffington Post: “McCaskill Backed By Key Group While Opponents Engage In Heated Battle.”

That “key group” is VoteVets, which I have argued would more accurately be called, “VoteDems,” as they almost never seem to find any Republican veteran candidates to their liking, and have no problem endorsing candidates like incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who is not a veteran. (The organization also ran ads against John McCain and preferred Barack Obama.), the “nonpartisan” organization that has backed two Republicans and 46 Democrats for national office through the 2010 cycle, also compared Sen. Pat Toomey to Iranian ruler Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. So far this cycle, VoteVets has not endorsed any Republicans; they have endorsed nine Democrats.

So is it really all that surprising that VoteVets endorsed McCaskill?

Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with being an organization that leans heavily in favor of one party. It’s just that if you do that, you shouldn’t be treated and covered as a nonpartisan veterans organization.

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