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The Air-Ball Metaphor of Obama’s Presidency


In the Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt, a look at the persistent efforts to dismiss and downplay potential and actual voter fraud, Obama’s upcoming “silver-platter pizza” fundraiser, and then…

Another Great Chapter in the Most Basketball-Focused Administration in American History

Yawn. Just another White House event featuring the easily-handled, often-flying and overinflated.

Using a special basketball festooned with his own image, President Obama shot some hoop today with former NBA players, Harlem Globetrotters and kids attending the White House Easter Egg Hunt. The balls with the presidential face were brought by the NBA players who came to the event, White House officials said.

Because a regular orange-and-black-striped basketball just wouldn’t do, of course.

My first thought is, “ah, there’s our president, hard at work again, and on a day the stock market plummeted on disappointing jobs news, Yahoo laid off about 15 percent of its workforceSyria’s military fired weapons across the border at refugees in Turkey and Lebanon, South Korea accused North Korea of preparing a new nuclear test, and gas averaged $3.90 per gallon across the country .” But over at The Atlantic, they watch the president’s trouble with his perimeter shooting and see ghosts of attack ads to come:

In your frivolous but fun future attack-ad footage of the day: As part of Monday’s White House Easter Egg Hunt, President Obama took several three-pointer shots using a basketball emblazoned with his face, and he missed all of them. So, at long last, the Republican National Committee has a metaphor they can work with. Dylan Byers at Politico posted video of Obama missing his shots, writing, “If you don’t think the RNC has already flagged this one, you’re crazy.” And indeed, RNC communications director Sean Spicer quickly replied on Twitter, “Thanks for the heads up @DylanByers – yeah we flagged it.” 

Yes, basketballs with Obama’s face bouncing off the rims… We can see them easily working as an accompanying image to a voice-over about “Obama’s failed policies” or something. 

At least Obama now has an easy answer to give about his biggest regret of his first term: “I wish I had made those three-point shots.”

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