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Great News! We May Pay Only $4 Per Gallon This Summer!


Great news, America! This summer, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline might be only $3.70 to $4.01 per gallon!

Don’t you feel relieved? Aren’t you sighing with reassurance, knowing that the cost of shipping every item you buy at every store will be stable in the coming months at the current, oh-so-affordable level!

Hit it, Kool & the Gang! “Celebrate good times, come on!”

(That current level, by the way, has the average for the year to be $3.92, according to USA Today. The average for the year in 2008 — when they spiked to record highs in summer and then tumbled quickly as the economy collapsed in fall and December — was $3.36.)

Take it away, Crossroads GPS:

I know, I know. I wish we had a president who understood the pain that high gas prices can inflict on ordinary Americans. Somebody like this guy . . .

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