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Professional Bizarre-Food Eater Draws the Line at Dogs


Wow. An interview with Andrew Zimmern, host of “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” on the Travel Channel, from 2008:

Q. I heard that you won’t eat dog.

A. I tried dog two different ways in Vietnam. I don’t need to try it again. We have a pug at home.

Another profile of Zimmern:

Andrew Zimmern is somebody who stands for a somewhat different view of everyday food consumption. Andrew Zimmern draws the line at dogs, which he really would not eat. Otherwise this culinary world traveler has few qualms and in his view there is no occasion for these.

Again, if you’re going to vote against Barack Obama over this, please write in because I can give you a lot more, and I would argue better, reasons than his culinary consumption as a child. But . . . the Zimmern comments do indicate just how alien and taboo this is in American culture; it is so forbidden that a man whose fame and fortune derive largely from an entertainment program about eating strange food in foreign locales will not eat this particular animal again.

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