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Joe Donnelly, Strangely Quiet About His Party Affiliation


The Club for Growth chuckles upon finding that Joe Donnelly, the Democrats’ candidate for Senate in Indiana, does not mention his party affiliation in either his campaign biography or his official congressional biography.

On his campaign home page, the only time the word “Democrat” appears is in a comment from a supporter, “We must win back a Democrat Senate seat for Indiana, and I think he is just the guy to do it!”

The Republican candidate in Indiana is Richard Mourdock . . . who says on his campaign biography, “Richard Mourdock was elected Indiana’s State Treasurer in November 2006 and was re-elected in 2010, leading the Republican ticket with over 62% of the vote.”

Having said that . . . how is it that no one has polled a Mourdock-Donnelly match-up since late March?

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