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Walker Unveils Ad Hitting Barrett on False Crime Reports


The Scott Walker campaign is up on the air with a new ad that spotlights the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s investigative report uncovering hundreds of crimes misreported by the Milwaukee Police Department — seriously undermining Tom Barrett’s claim that crime has declined on his watch.

Apparently the explanation from the Milwaukee Police Department is that it was a . . . “coding error.”

A pair of Republican lawmakers sent a strongly-worded letter Friday to Mayor Tom Barrett that asks him to call for an independent audit of the Milwaukee Police Department’s flawed crime data.

The request for an outside review is based on a Journal Sentinel investigation that found more than 500 cases of aggravated assault were misreported as lesser crimes in the past three years.

Police Chief Edward Flynn defended his department Friday following a public roll call on the city’s north side. He said calls for an outside audit of his department amount to “political reindeer games.”

“Clearly we have got a coding error for one particular crime that’s apparently held up over several years,” Flynn told reporters.

Barrett thinks his department deserves credit for asking for an audit last year: “I am certainly going to look at that and see what steps are necessary after that,” Barrett said. “But I applaud my police department for asking for this audit. This was not something that they had to do.”

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