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Pro-Romney SuperPAC Barely Outspending
Pro-Obama One


David Axelrod, two weeks ago:

“It’s a great concern,” Axelrod said in an interview with WJLA ABC 7, a station owned by POLITICO’s corporate parent. “People are writing $10 million checks in one fell swoop to these super PACs — in many cases, they’re undisclosed.”

Yesterday, the pro-Obama SuperPAC “Priorities USA Action” filed a report saying they were spending $3.3 million, the third-largest sum of the entire campaign cycle, on television advertising. Much of it will be to fund the airing of this ad:

The fourth- and fifth-highest sums of this cycle also come from Priorities USA Action; $3.1 million spent in a report filed June 5 and $2.24 million spent in a report filed mid-May.

Of course, the two highest expenditures of the cycle were from the pro-Romney SuperPAC, Restore Our Future, Inc., which spent $4.9 million on ads hitting Newt Gingrich back in late January. The single largest expenditure of any SuperPAC in the cycle came about ten days ago, when Restore Our Future committed $7.1 million for television advertising, much of it on this ad:

In short, even though Obama’s SuperPAC ally is spending less than Romney’s allies, in the month of June the margin is pretty close — $6.4 million for anti-Romney ads to $7.1 million for anti-Obama ads.

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