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Obama: $112K in Donations From Employees of Offshoring Kings Nike & Apple


So, American companies moving jobs overseas to benefit from cheaper labor is terrible, right? After all, it’s the centerpiece of the latest Obama attack on Mitt Romney.

So which companies are among the worst? Let’s go to some good lefty source, like, say, the Center for American Progress, to find some companies that we should consider to be among the biggest offenders:

3. The global electronics contract manufacturing industry reached a staggering $360 billion of revenue in 2011, and is expected to expand to $426 billion by 2015. This figure consists of companies, many of which are American, contracting outside firms largely in third-world countries with cheaper labor costs to manufacture their products. While this figure is not exclusively U.S. companies, large corporations such as Apple Inc., which conducts all of its manufacturing on foreign shores, and Nike Inc., which subcontracts all of its footwear production to independently owned and operated foreign companies, lead the trend.

That’s strange. According to the Federal Election Commission, President Obama has taken $94,543 from employees of Apple, Inc. and another $17,500 in campaign contributions from Nike, Inc. employees. (These are the employees who work in the U.S. whose jobs haven’t been outsourced.) And that’s just this cycle, not even looking at the 2008 campaign.

But wait, everything I’m hearing from the Democrats insists that they think off-shoring is wrong! President Obama and his allies wouldn’t just make a big hullabaloo about an issue just to have fodder for attack ads, right? He and the Democrats don’t secretly think that this practice is okay, and take money from companies that subcontract all or almost all of their merchandise production to foreign companies to exploit big labor, right? I thought you could count on a Democrat to Think Different™! That when it comes to cozying up with offshoring companies, he wouldn’t Just Do It ™!

I wonder how many folks will denounce Romney for alleged outsourcing using an iPhone while wearing Nikes.

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