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Romney’s $23 Million Cash-on-Hand Advantage


Between Colorado and Penn State, the first Morning Jolt of the week is grimmer than usual . . . but there is still a serving of campaign politics:

No Matter Where, No Matter Why, Nobody Spends Money the Way Obama Does

The Obama campaign spends money like . . . the Obama administration:

President Obama’s sharp turn to the offensive against GOP challenger Mitt Romney last month came at a steep cost: nearly $58 million.

That’s how much the president’s reelection campaign burned through in June as it pounded Romney’s business record and personal finances; its relentless television campaign alone cost $38 million, according to campaign finance reports filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission.

The expensive barrage came even as Romney and his affiliated party committees outraised Obama and his Democratic Party fundraising partners for the second month in the row, $106 million to $70 million.

Heading into July, Romney and his party allies were left with nearly $170 million on hand, while Obama and the Democrats had $147 million.

Last four polls in the RealClearPolitics average Romney by 2, Obama by 1, Obama by 4, Romney by 1. More importantly, Obama’s total percentage points in those four: 44, 46, 45, 46.

Money well spent?

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