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No DMV Donations to Mitt Romney So Far This Cycle


The next time you’re on line at your local Department of Motor Vehicles, you can breathe easily knowing that the employee behind the glass is probably not a big donor to presidential candidates. In fact, you can know with absolute certainty that the scowling bureaucrat moving at a glacial pace is not a donor to Mitt Romney.

According to data collected by the Federal Election Commission and updated to June 30, the Obama campaign has collected $525 from two donors who identify their employer as “Department of Motor Vehicles” or “DMV.”

No “Department of Motor Vehicles” or “DMV” employees are listed as donating any money to Mitt Romney.

Back in 2008, the divide was much closer: a pair of self-identified DMV employees donated $995 to Obama’s campaign, while one Department of Motor Vehicle employee in California donated $999 to John McCain’s campaign.

As we’ve seen in recent days, President Obama remains the preferred candidate of IRS employees, BP senior executives, and TSA employees who are donating to presidential candidates this cycle.

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