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The British Media’s Fresh New Criticism of the GOP Nominee


Members of the British press are just tearing into the Republican nominee.

The Observer is mocking “the amazing asides of a Republican candidate which are diverting Americans in their quest for a leader” and his “voluptuarian attraction to simplistic and empty formulations.”

Television anchors ask, incredulously, whether Americans recognize that many Europeans think he would start a world war with the Russians.

They scoff that he doesn’t understand environmental science and doubt he believes in evolution.

Wait, wait. That’s what the British press was saying in response to Ronald Reagan in 1980, all examples from William F. Buckley’s column of September 10 of that year.

Earlier this week, I wrote that not everything about 2012 will emulate 1980… but it’s nice to know there are some things you can count on for consistency.

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