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New Poll Gives Romney Slight Edge on Leadership, Values


If you’re wondering what poll results look like when the sample doesn’t split heavily in favor of Democrats, the answer is this:

The poll, conducted for The Hill by Pulse Opinion Research, found 48 percent of voters consider Romney the stronger leader, compared to 44 percent who favored Obama.

Similarly, 47 percent of likely voters also said Romney most shares their values while 44 percent picked Obama.

When asked which candidate voters considered more honest and trustworthy, 46 percent said Romney and 44 percent said Obama — a result within the poll’s 3 percentage point margin of error.

The sample for The Hill’s poll is 52 percent female, 48 percent male; 35 percent Republican, 34 percent Democrat, 31 percent other.

Asked whether “policies and competence” or “likeability” mattered more in their decisions, “policies and competence” won 93 percent to 3 percent for “likeability.”

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