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The Best Morning Jolt Endorsement Ever!


We all have good reasons to adore Dana Perino, the White House Press Secretary and current host of Fox News Channel’s “The Five.” Here’s one of mine:

She’s the best!

UPDATE: I see a reader in the comments section is worried about turning over personal information in the sign-up process. These sorts of things are above my pay grade, but as I understand it, the only information that the sign-up process requires is location (not even a full mailing address); geographical information is used to let advertisers know where our readers are. Subscribers can opt out of getting messages from advertisers, etc.

I’ve heard no complaints from Morning Jolt readers about their e-mails, etc, being used.

Oh, and if for some reason it stops arriving, my first piece of advice is always “check your spam folder,” since some e-mail systems seem to regard all mass e-mails as spam…

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