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President Obama, Making Time for Entertainment Tonight


Unemployment is 8.3 percent, we’re about two and a half months away from Election Day, the president hasn’t answered questions from the White House press corps in eight weeks… but today President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama sat down for an interview with… Entertainment Tonight.

The president responds to the furor over Biden’s remarks, telling Nancy O’Dell, “You know, the truth is that what Joe Biden was talking about, again, is an example of a substantive argument, a substantive issue that the American people should be concerned about. His phrasing is a distraction from what is at stake.”

Obama also found time to do an interview with People magazine.

Back in May, after President Obama answered questions about the Kardashians and Fifty Shades of Gray in an appearance on “The View,” Entertainment Weekly’s television critic Ken Tucker argued that it was time for the commander-in-chief to start skipping the fluff interviews: “If you’re going to spend time on TV, Mr. President — and Mr. Romney — do us all a favor and skip Whoopi and The Daily Show and Jay and Dave and the Jimmys and all the celebrity news anchors on the networks. Just speak to us directly, or engage in debates that are real debates which will allow for considered thought and direct questioning of your opponent’s positions.”

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