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Who Isn’t Calling for Akin’s Withdrawal?
Claire McCaskill & Planned Parenthood.


Hey, if Todd Akin’s remarks are so shameful (and they are), and his ignorance of topics he would seek to legislate is an embarrassment (and it is) . . . what are we to make of the recent comments from his rival, Senator Claire McCaskill?

McCaskill issued supportive remarks about Akin on Monday, saying she and Akin “disagree on some things, but he is sincere.”

“While I disagree with what he said, he has now in the last few hours really apologized for what he said. I think what is startling to me is that these party bigwigs are coming down on him and saying that he needs to kick sand in the face of the Republican primary voters,” she said.

Say, who else isn’t calling for him to withdraw from the race?

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards denounced Rep. Todd Akin’s comment that women rarely get pregnant from “legitimate rape,” saying this morning that the statement was an “egregious example” of legislators “making policy on women’s health without understanding it.”

“This statement by Mr. Akin is, I think, politics at its worst, ignoring basic medicine and science in pursuit of some political ideology,” Richards said today during a conference call with reporters.Richards stopped short of calling for Akin to resign, noting that he joins a “long line of examples” of congressmen who are putting their “own personal political ideology ahead of the needs of women.”

“I don’t want to address whether he should resign, but I don’t think he should be in office,” she said in response to a question from ABC News. “This is more evidence of when policy makers are literally legislating about women’s health and they don’t have the most basic understanding particularly of women’s reproductive care. This is perfect evidence of that enormous danger.”

Keep in mind, Akin is currently a congressman. So he’s already “in office.”

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