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McCain’s Defeat, Setting the Stage for the
Tea Parties


I’m inside the arena, watching from the press seating section.

Arizona senator John McCain may deserve a lot of grief for not running the all-out, no-quarter-asked-or-given campaign that a lot of conservatives wanted to see in 2008. But he was and is a decent man and a genuine hero.

Many have wondered, if President John McCain had taken the oath of office on January 20, 2009, would the Tea Parties have arisen? Would the country be in a dramatically better or dramatically worse position than it is now, or about the same?

Perhaps only the runaway liberalism offered by a newly inaugurated Barack Obama, a Speaker Pelosi with a wide majority, and a Senate majority leader Harry Reid with 59 votes, could awakening the fiscally conservative instincts of millions upon millions of Americans. Many Tea Partiers would undoubtedly prefer to devote their energies elsewher —  to their families, to their businesses and careers, to lighter passions like sports and hobbies. Only the belief that the future of their country was at stake could stir them to take such impassioned, dedicated, continuing action.

UPDATE: McCain mentions that the Iranian protesters, during their uprising in 2009, chanted in English to Obama, “Are you with us, or with them?” Boy, does he relish showcasing the president’s hesitation and equivocation on dealing with the Iranian mullahs. Now he’s hammering Obama on his inaction over Syria.

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