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Democrats Accuse Ann Romney of ‘Mudslinging’


Do you perceive Ann Romney as a “mudslinger”? Politico does.

Democrats have, in fact, been taken aback by Ann Romney’s venture into the mudslinging of the campaign — instead of floating above the fray. She has given endless TV interviews — some of them a bit testy — and seems quite comfortable attacking the president. Most recently, Romney said “it’s time for the grown-up” to take over the country, blamed the Obama campaign for her husband’s low standing among Hispanics and boasted that Mitt Romney was going to save the country.

“Michelle Obama could never get away with saying those things,” said a Democratic operative who has worked with spouses in presidential campaigns. “There would be an uproar.”

That’s mudslinging?

Is the crack, detail-oriented management style of Joe Biden, the pouting obstinacy of Attorney General Eric Holder, the eyes-closed, “the system worked!” wishful thinking of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the “Because I say so” fiats of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the sexual-harassment allegations at ICE, the randiness of the U.S. Secret Service, and the wild Vegas trips of the General Services Administration really best described as characteristic of “grown-ups”? Does anyone at Politico want to stand up and say the years 2009–2012 represent the pinnacle of wise, mature, and strong leadership in our federal government?

Isn’t the Obama campaign attempting to persuade Hispanics that Mitt Romney doesn’t like them? Didn’t the DNC vice chair say of Romney, “This gringo doesn’t speak our lingo”?

Doesn’t every presidential candidate believe he’s going to save the country?

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