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‘The Government Is the Only Thing We All Belong To’


It was kind of the Democrats to begin their national convention with a statement that will be featured in Republican ads for weeks to come:

Isn’t . . . the nation itself, and our national identity, a better description of what binds us all? Aren’t the values described in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution a better summary of what we “belong” to, as opposed to “the government”? (Although I suppose one could argue that many, many Americans no longer feel any sense of belonging to “the values described in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.”)

A poorly written bit of narration for some standard-issue filler convention video? Or a revealing moment of their core philosophy?

If it is merely a poorly expressed comment, one that creates a false impression, it is rather amazing how often these things happen to the Democrats: “You didn’t build that.” “The private sector is doing fine.” “Our plan worked.”

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