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The ‘Choice’ of Chicago School Teachers, and Parents


Meanwhile in Chicago, the city that generated our president, teachers have walked off the job, leaving the public schools in chaos. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is expressing his great frustration that “this is a strike of choice. Because of how close we are, this is unnecessary. The issues are not financial.”

Funny word, “choice.” It’s something that the striking teachers have, but that most Chicago parents don’t.

Two years ago, Illinois state legislators rejected “a school voucher bill that would have enabled up to 30,000 children to escape the underperforming Chicago public schools to attend a private school of their choice” — what would have been one of the largest school-choice programs in the country.

Look, Rahm Emanuel inherited these problems. I’m sure the public-school teachers of Chicago didn’t get their entitled, arrogant, irresponsible attitudes and views overnight. These sorts of views probably took root over the past decade . . . say, from 2001 to 2009, when Arne Duncan was running Chicago’s public schools, with rather disappointing results.

Arne Duncan, of course, is the Obama administration’s secretary of education.

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