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Is the U.S. ‘Taking Action’ Against the YouTube Filmmaker?


In the course of doing this roundup below, I came across this curious description of a meeting between the U.S. ambassador in Nepal and a group of Muslim leaders:

KATHMANDU, Sept 24 :Leaders of various Muslim organizations on Monday submitted a memorandum to US embassy in Kathmandu, in protest of a film produced in the US that ‘denigrates’ Islam´s Prophet Muhammad.

A delegation comprising, Taj Mohammad Miya, Ghulam Rashud Miya and Kaisar Sah handed the letter to Scott R Sanford, political affairs chief at the embassy, in Maharjgunj late this morning. 

Talking to Republica Online, Gulam Rashid Miya, a delegation member, said they drew the US attention to the ‘offence’ caused by the film to the faith of Muslim fraternity in Nepal and all over the world.

They have also expressed their concerns over the ‘character assassination’ of the Prophet Muhammad.

According to him, during the meeting, the embassy official told them that the US government as well as 99 percent of US citizens is against the production of the film. He also informed that his government is in the process of taking action against the producer of the film and assured that the US government has no intention of hurting the sentiments of any religious faiths.

Now, who the heck knows if this Nepali news source is accurate, whether the Nepali Muslim leader is accurately describing the ambassador’s statement, or whether something’s getting lost in translation, or whether this is just a reference to the “questioning” the filmmaker had from federal officials about whether he violated his parole, or the White House reaching out to YouTube to review the video to see if it was in compliance with their terms of use. (The filmmaker was later released, and he and his family are reportedly in hiding.)

Nonetheless, even if this is some sort of innocent mistake, it is certainly unnerving that Muslims in other countries are being left with the impression that the U.S. government is “in the process of taking action against the producer of the film.”

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