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Protests Outside Our Embassies Are Still Going On


Attention media: Protests, sometimes violent, are still going on outside our embassies and consulates.

Bangkok, Thailand

Hundreds of Thai Muslims gathered in front of the United States embassy in Bangkok on Thursday (September 27) for the third time in as many weeks to protest against an anti-Islam film.

Several hundred protesters crammed the streets in front of the embassy, which remained open. Police confirmed 300 officers were dispatched to the embassy to monitor the crowd.

Protesters took pamphelts containing their statement of protest and made them into paper airplanes, flying them over embassy barricades. They also called on Google and YouTube to take down the film from their sites and ban it world-wide.

While the protest appeared heated at times, there were no incidents of violence. Protesters pushed police officers to get closer to the embassy but didn’t force their way in.

Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Bangladesh police said on Wednesday they had arrested a university professor on suspicion that he planned to lead an attack on the US embassy during a protest against an anti-Islam film.

Syed Golam Maola was detained late on Monday after counter-terrorism officers questioned an activist from a banned militant group who had taken part in the protest in Dhaka earlier in the day.

“We arrested a young Hizb-ul-Tahrir protester from the demonstration. Later we arrested Maola based on the preliminary information we got from him,” Dhaka Police spokesman Masudur Rahman told AFP.

Maola, described by police as a senior official of the banned group’s Bangladesh chapter, has been remanded in custody for five days by a court for questioning on suspicion that “he planned to attack the US embassy”, Rahman added.

The professor teaches management studies at the prestigious Dhaka University.

Calcutta, India:

Hundreds of Muslims marched towards the American Centre in Kolkata today to protest against an anti-Islam video and to demand that the US authorities apologise for it.The protesters, belonging to Muslim organisations, including the All-Bengal Minorities Youth Federation, broke barricades and tried to approach the highly-fortified American Centre on Chowringee, but were stopped some distance away, police sources said.

Manila, the Philippines:

Filipino Muslims shout slogans as they drive past the US embassy during a motorcade protest against a film they consider blasphemous to Islam in Manila yesterday. A convoy of protesters drove through the busy streets, demanding an online ban on the anti-Islam film that has triggered demonstrations worldwide. Around 200 vehicles traveled along a seven-kilometre stretch and stopped at the embassy.

I suppose it will take another American dying before this ongoing threat to our diplomatic personnel is even mentioned in most venues of the U.S. press.

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