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Can Missourians ‘Swallow Hard and Vote for Akin’?


The GOP candidate in Missouri’s Senate race, Representative Todd Akin, has won a . . . er, not-quite-ringing endorsement from Twitter’s Master of Sarcasm, Kurt Schlichter:

Easy call. I’ll back the guy who’s confused about where and how babies come from over the socialist enabler.

Do I have problems with Akin? Oh yeah. Sure, his comments were silly, and his decision to remain in the campaign instead of giving up his ballot position to someone without self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the feet was selfish and short-sighted. But on September 25th, the day he stopped being able to drop out, that stopped mattering.

Do I like this situation? Hell no. But I just wrote two articles on why libertarians must suck it up and vote for Mitt Romney if they wish to remain true to the Constitution and the fight for liberty. Hundreds of hemp-loving fiat money opponents decried the idea of supporting the lesser of two evils, but there, as here, the lesser is significantly lesser. We traditional conservatives need to do the same thing — hold our noses and vote for the guy who is most likely to promote conservatism.

Yeah, even if he’s made us want to smack him.

Todd Akin: He’s the misinformed, out-of-touch egomaniac who’s on your side!

Somehow, even with the infamous comments suggesting rape victims cannot become pregnant, Akin is only down one in the RCP average.

Claire McCaskill . . . boy, you must really be a terrible senator.

UPDATE: Of course, hours after I post this, Rasmussen reveals a new survey putting Akin down 5 and PPP unveils one putting Akin down 6.

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