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Obama’s Latest E-mail: ‘I Don’t Want to Lose’


There’s always a gap between what a campaign confidently tells the media and the “please give now, we really desperately need it!” tone in most of their fundraising pitches. But tell me if you think today’s e-mail from “Barack Obama” sounds like they think they’re trailing right now:

[Jim] –

I don’t want to lose this election.

Not because of what losing would mean for me — Michelle and I will be fine no matter what happens.

But because of what it would mean for our country and middle-class families.

This race is very close.I’m not willing to watch the progress you and I worked so hard to achieve be undone.

Time is running out to make an impact — please don’t wait any longer. Donate $5 or more today:…

I believe in you. If you stick with me, and if we fight harder than ever for the next two weeks, I truly believe we can’t lose.

Thank you,


P.S. — I don’t know what Election Night will hold, but I’d like you to be a part of the event here in Chicago. Any donation you make today automatically enters you for a chance to meet me — airfare and hotel for you and a guest are covered.

(This would be Obama’s Election Night rally in McCormick Place in Chicago. It has a seating capacity of 18,000 with another 2.4 million in exhibit space; 240,000 supporters went to  Grant Park in Chicago on Election Night 2008.)

This morning, David Axelrod told reporters, “This is a race we believe we’re leading” and Jim Messina boasted, “We’re ahead of where we were against McCain.”

Neither statement is true if your measuring stick is the RealClearPolitics average.

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