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Club for Growth: Capito Is the Wrong Candidate in West Virginia


That didn’t take long; this morning the news broke that Representative Shelley Moore Capito, a West Virginia Republican, was preparing to run for Senate in 2014; hours later, the Club for Growth issues a statement that is distinctly unwelcoming her to the race:

Washington, DC — Today, Club for Growth PAC President Chris Chocola issued the following statement on news that Republican Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito is running for the U.S. Senate in West Virginia:

“This year, the Republican establishment cheered the U.S. Senate candidacies of Congressmen Denny Rehberg and Rick Berg and former Congresswoman Heather Wilson. All three had the ‘right’ resumes, and all three had no ‘divisive’ primaries. Yet all three lost in races that were thought to be winnable,” ;said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “These three supposedly ‘electable’ Republican candidates also had something else in common: consistent support for bailouts, debt increases, earmarks, and massive expansions of big-government spending programs.”

“Today, along comes Rep. Shelly Moore Capito. Her candidacy will undoubtedly be cheered by the GOP establishment, and dire warnings will be issued against any ‘divisive’ primary challenges, lest other candidates hurt Capito’s chances of winning,” continued Chocola. “The problem is that Congresswoman Capito’s record looks a whole lot like the establishment candidates who lost this year. Congresswoman Capito has a long record of support of bailouts, pork, and bigger government. She voted to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for massive expansions of government-run health insurance, giveaways to big labor, and repeatedly voted to continue funding for wasteful earmarks like an Exploratorium in San Francisco and an Aquarium in South Carolina. That’s not the formula for GOP success in U.S. Senate races.”

“The way back for the Republican Party is the way of Jeff Flake, Ted Cruz, Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee. All were supported by the Club for Growth PAC and grassroots Republicans. All are consistent supporters of limited government principles. All were winners because they could clearly articulate the pro-growth economic message. They are the future of the Republican Party,” concluded Chocola.

Of course, the Club for Growth had its own trouble with “the formula for GOP success in U.S. Senate races,” as three of its preferred candidates — Connie Mack in Florida, Josh Mandel in Ohio, and Richard Mourdock in Indiana — lost; Jeff Flake in Arizona and Ted Cruz in Texas won. In the House, Club for Growth was seven for seven.

The list of votes that Club for Growth finds objectionable is below:


        Has never voted for a conservative Republican Study Committee Budget (RCV #68, 2001; RCV #79, 2003, RCV #90, 2004; RCV #83, 2005; RCV #156, 2006; RCV #211, 2007; RCV #140, 2008; RCV #189, 2009, RCV #275, 2011)

·        Voted for SCHIP, the massive expansion of government-run health insurance five times, including once in 2007 when she was one of just five Republicans to do so. (RCV #787, 2007; RCV #906, 2007; RCV #1009, 2007; RCV #16, 2009; RCV #50, 2009)

·        Voted for “Cash for Clunkers” (RCV #314, 2009; RCV #682, 2009)

·        Voted for the $300 billion bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (RCV #519, 2008)

·        Voted for the Auto Bailout (RCV #690, 2008)

·        Voted for No Child Left Behind (RCV #497, 2001)

·        Voted for the August 2011 deal that raised the debt limit by trillions of dollars (RCV #690, 2011)

·        Repeatedly voted against blocking “Davis-Bacon” wage requirements (RCV #488, 2007; RCV #807, 2007; RCV #15, 2008; RCV #561, 2008; RCV #122, 2009; RCV #144, 2011; RCV #395, 2011; RCV #414, 2011; RCV #585, 2011)

·        Repeatedly voted for wasteful earmark spending like the Bronx Council for the Arts (RCV #335, 2006), an American Ballet Theatre (RCV #668, 2007), an Exploratorium in San Francisco (RCV #664, 2007), an Aquarium in South Carolina (RCV #669, 2007), and Grape genetics research (RCV #810, 2007)

·        Voted for McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform (RCV #34, 2002)

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