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A Strangely Unmentioned Facet of the Hillary 2016 Talk


Two quick, basic notes to add to Marc Ambinder’s examination of whether Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016: She is 65 years old now and will be 69 on Election Day 2016. If elected, she would become the country’s second-oldest president after Ronald Reagan.

Secondly, while there have been no public reports of any health issues, she does look a bit run down in recent public appearances — undoubtedly, the globetrotting role of secretary of state takes its toll, as this late October Reuters photo suggests:

Perhaps her coming retirement from Foggy Bottom will give her time to rest, recharge, and come back to the world of politics with renewed energy. But as we have seen, running for president is a physical, mental, and emotional marathon like few others, and one she may not feel quite the same burning desire to pursue.

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