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Perriello, Not Interested in a Rum-ble With McAuliffe


Not a surprise, but somewhat newsworthy anyway:

Former 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello says he is not running for Governor of Virginia. Perriello released a statement today on Twitter saying he won’t be on the ballot in 2013, but he will be in the fight. His statement goes further to say that he does not feel that call to serve in elected office right now. Perriello would have been running against Terry McAuliffe for the Democratic nomination, who he is now backing.

Perhaps McAuliffe will break out the Bacardi rum in celebration, as he did so jovially after the Puerto Rico Democratic primary in 2008:

I suppose the slogan “live like you mean it“; indeed fits the style of the McAuliffe campaign. Of course, a general-election fight against Ken Cuccinelli is a sobering prospect.

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