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What’s ‘The Very Best Thing’ About the Hagel Pick?


Because the subscribers seem to enjoy it, one more bit from today’s Morning Jolt:

Richard Cohen, hits the Washington Post op-ed page this morning with a heaping serving of conventional wisdom and gobbledygook on the president’s nomination of Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense:

The very best thing about Obama’s choice of Hagel for the Pentagon is that the president did not back down, as he did with Susan Rice.

Really? That’s the very best thing about him? Not his qualifications, or his intellect, or his sterling record of good judgment or his innovative approach to ensuring the security of the American people? Really? The very best thing about this nomination is that it makes Obama and his fans feel good about themselves, about their willingness to disregard contrary voices and criticism? When you think about it, isn’t that just about the most damning thing you can say about the Hagel pick? That he’s really good for the feelings of everyone in the administration? That he helps repair all of that self-esteem that was bruised by the Susan Rice mess?

With defenders like these, Chuck Hagel doesn’t need critics.

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