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Top Michigan Democrat Declines 2014 Bid for Governor


In Michigan, it’s still early, but Democrats won’t have the 2014 gubernatorial candidate that many expected:

The Democratic frontrunner has dropped out of the race for Michigan governor before she ever really entered it.

Wednesday, East Lansing Senator Gretchen Whitmer announced on Facebook that she will not seek the Democratic nomination.

Senator Whitmer was not in her office. She was not in her seat on the floor. In fact, she quietly walked out the back door rather than take reporters’ questions on this major decision to get out.

“I cannot be the Democratic leader, a great mom and wage that fight in 2014 due to the age of my kids,” Whitmer explained in a video.

With daughters who are nine and ten at home and a new husband with three kids of his own, the longtime Democratic frontrunner for governor decided it was not the time for her to do this.

The Detroit Fox affiliate lists the other individuals mentioned as potential candidates:

Former candidate Virg Bernero, Rep. Gary Peters, former Secretary of State candidate Jocelyn Benson, and consultant Dennis Denno says his former boss, Congressman Mark Schauer, will be in the mix, too.

In December, the Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling found support for Governor Rick Snyder had plummeted since he changed his position on right-to-work legislation, down to 38 percent with 56 percent disapproving. A month earlier 47 percent said they approved and 37 percent disapproved.

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