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Geraldo: I Won’t Decide on A Senate Bid for a While


Over on his Facebook page, Geraldo Rivera clarifies his level of interest in running for U.S. Senate in the state of New Jersey in 2014:

The deadline for the relevant filings for the November 2014 New Jersey election to fill the seat currently held by five-term incumbent Senator Frank Lautenberg is still many months away. Despite my constitutionally protected musings on whether to seek that high office, I am taking no formal steps to initiate the electoral process, making no declarations, forming no committees, raising no money and hiring no campaign aides. Therefore, there is no FCC complication regarding equal time.

Moreover, supporters of Newark mayor Corey Booker can hardly complain about my bully pulpit since the media-savvy mayor appears on television more frequently than I do. Further, I extend to Mayor Booker an open invitation to appear on my radio program as often as he would like; and that invitation is also extended to Senator Lautenberg. 

Perhaps we could discuss and debate how best to deal with issues affecting New Jersey and the nation, like the continuing plague of gun violence in cities like Newark, which refuse to implement policies I advocate like “stop, question and frisk.”

If he does decide to collect campaign donations, I’m sure he knows some good secure storage sites, such as a large, empty vault.

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