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Not Sequestered: USAID’s $5 Million Performance Review in Tbilisi


The harsh life under sequester continues. Yesterday the U.S. Agency for International Development could only ink a $5 million contract with Mendez, England & Associates to provide “USAID Mission to Georgia with services of conducting external/independent performance and impact evaluations over the course of five years in line with USAID evaluation policy, based on USAID requirements and through building the local capacity in the filed of evaluation.”

Now, Georgia is a U.S. ally, and there are concerns about the country becoming more influenced by the Russians. Perhaps USAID will be able to do a lot of good by paying that $5 million to that firm.

But when we hear about 800,000 Department of Defense employees getting furloughs, or any sequester cut that seems genuinely painful to the American public, we can wonder whether that $5 million performance evaluation of USAID work over in Tbilisi could have been postponed. 

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