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Spared by the Sequester: $3.8 Million to Improve Armenia’s Pension System


Today the “Spared by the Sequester” spotlight falls once again on the Agency for International Development. On March 29, USAID awarded $3,881,188 to Chemonics International, Inc. to help implement reforms to Armenia’s pension system.

From the award notice:

Over the last number of years, the Government of Armenia (GOAM) with USAID’s technical support has consistently worked to make the country’s social protection system more efficient and financially stable.

The cornerstone of the GOAM’s old-age poverty reduction program is its new multi-pillar pension system. This 4 year activity will provide technical assistance to the GOAM to implement the new pension system to make it fiscally sound and sustainable. The efforts will result in an increase in the percentage of economically active citizens who contribute to the pension resources. The project will also assist the GOAM, to a limited and targeted extent, to design and develop an Integrated Social Services system (ISS). The Project will assist the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSA), the private sector, and civil society to implement the pension reform and to improve social services policy, benefits, and delivery systems.

Hey, when they’re done there, can they come back here to the United States and help us develop a fiscally sound and sustainable pension system?

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