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To Beat Lindsey Graham in a Primary, You Need a Candidate


In the comments section, a reader laments:

I guess you guys are going to do nothing to stop Lindsey Graham from being reelected. Buckley Rule does not apply in Red South Carolina? Multiple jokey posts about Stephen Colbert’s sister instead?

(I tend to think highlighting her inability to specify how she’ll balance the budget besides eliminating “waste and fraud” is more than a “jokey post,” but then again, I’ve always been a big fan of my own work.)

You can’t beat someone with no one. At this point, the only Republican who has declared interest in running against Graham is Keith Blandford, who suspended his Senate bid to run in the special House election in South Carolina’s first district. Blandford received 195 votes in the primary, out of 53,793 cast. Blogger Bruce Carroll contemplated a bid, but decided against it.

Senator Lindsey Graham has $4.4 million in cash on hand right now. That doesn’t make him impossible to defeat in a Republican primary, but it does make it tough. A December poll showed him 47 percent approval and 39 percent disapproval among all voters, and a 66 percent approval among self-identified Republicans.

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