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The Fascinating GreenTech Product That Is “MyCar”


Over on the home page, I have a look at Terry McAuliffe’s (former, as of December) firm, GreenTech Automotive, and their libel suit against the Franklin Center and

GreenTech Automotive makes the “MyCar.”

MyCar is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle in the US, but can be adapted to 45mph for in Europe. NEVs are low-speed vehicles; and depending upon the state you live in are limited, by law, to 25-35 mph. No highway driving, please.

The GreenTech web site showcases the car in the plant:

The MyCar comes in eight colors: Hello, Atomic, Crush, Race, Mist, Rally, Electric, and Mystic. To the untrained eye, those colors resemble light yellow, darker yellow, purple, red, gray, green, blue and white.

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